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  • Sleep Terrors

    Sleep terrors are partial wake-ups in which children act terrified. They act confused and can’t be fully awakened.

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  • Sleeping with Parents (Bed-Sharing) - How To End It

    Your child sleeps with you during all or part of the night. You want to stop sharing your bed with your child

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  • Sleeping with Parents (Bed-Sharing) - Pros and Cons

    Sharing the bed with your child. Bed-sharing should be avoided during the first year of life. Reason: Safe sleep.

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  • Sleepwalking

    Sleepwalking is a partial wake-up in which children walk in their sleep. They act confused and can’t be fully awakened, but are usually calm.

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  • Soft Spot in Babies - Normal

    The soft spot is a diamond shaped area on the top of the head. The medical name for this non-bony spot is the anterior fontanel. There’s another much smaller fontanel in back. It may be harder to find.

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  • Solid Foods (Baby Foods)

    This topic deals with how to introduce solid (baby) foods to young infants.

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  • Sore Throat - Symptom

    Pain, discomfort or raw feeling of the throat. Pain is made worse when swallows

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  • Spider Bite

    Bite from a spider.

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